Floral Competition Entry Guidelines 

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival
February 26 - March 1, 2020 


  1. A minimum of $100 in wholesale floral materials must be utilized in the arrangement. This is both a Show and judging requirement. If it is obvious to the judges that there is not at least $100 worth of wholesale floral materials used the arrangement will be disqualified from judging. All flower material must be natural; no artificial plants (plastic, silk, etc.).

  2. You will be required to use the pedestal provided, which is a 36"w x 42"h-round table, draped in black. Your arrangement must be stable on the pedestal. No modifications to the pedestal will be allowed, including extensions of the surface. To help mitigate the intense back lighting from the sunlight through the windows, there will be an 8-ft. high white drape behind the arrangements. Please take into account the height of the table (42") and the top of the draping (96").

  3. You may use any type of vase or container. The arrangement must not extend beyond the edge of the pedestal, extend to the floor, or have a complementary floor piece for safety reasons. Water features or props requiring electricity are not allowed. You may use battery operated props; however, the batteries will need to be maintained and replaced in a timely manner to keep the display in its original pristine format.

  4. Floral displays can only be set up between 9 am – 12 pm on Tuesday, February 25. You may construct your arrangement on site; however, to be included in the judging it must be completed by noon.

  5. The Show provides signage for each floral arrangement that includes contact information. You are also allowed to have a small supply of your business cards in a holder on your pedestal. Your display should not be commercial or retail-oriented.

  6. Opportunity to win a $250 first prize, a $150 second prize, or a $100 third prize, along with a People’s Choice ribbon awarded by Sunday of the Show. Prize money will be mailed approximately 45 days after the show.

  7. All designs must remain on exhibit until 6 pm, Sunday, March 1, 2020, at which time arrangements can be removed. If you would like to keep your arrangement it must be removed by noon on Monday, March 2, 2020; otherwise it will be disposed of. 

  8. Designers are responsible for removing or replacing wilted material, watering as needed, and keeping their arrangement looking fresh all show days. Arrangements not maintained for whatever reason will be removed.

  9. The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival cannot be responsible for loss or damage of any kind to the containers or any materials used in your display.

*** Failure to adhere to any of the above Show Requirements may result in disqualification from judging


  1. Scale: The proportion of the arrangement, its materials and elements must be in scale and proportionate to each other.

  2. Balance: Visual as well as physical balance must be present in the arrangement. Not only must the arrangement be balanced so that it will not fall over, it should also look like it will not fall over.

  3. Line: The arrangement should move the viewer’s eye through the arrangement.

  4. Color: The colors in the arrangement must work together.

  5. Unity: The individual parts of the arrangement must all work together to create one unified design in size, shape and texture.

  6. Mechanics: The mechanics must be hidden unless they are decorative and meant to be part of the arrangement. The design should be neat, clean, and finished.

  7. Texture: The design effectively utilizes contrasting visual and tactile textures.

  8. Space/Depth: The arrangement needs to be viewed in 3-dimensions by having the viewer’s eye drawn into the design. Please keep in mind that arrangements will be up against a drape and only viewed from the front.

  9. Creativity: The arrangement should not be a replication of what has been done in the past; it should show originality.

  10. Overall Design 

If you have any questions, please contact:
Michelle Derbes
Phone: 206.620.0938