Book Signing Schedule


Meet your favorite authors at our Book Signing Station, conveniently located just outside all three seminar rooms in the Conference Center.

Seattle’s University Book Store, one of the Northwest’s foremost independent booksellers, has teamed with the show to operate our popular Book Signing Station. Simply head to the Conference Center to enjoy your favorite speakers, and the author Book Signing Station and their bookstore is right nearby. You can also shop for books from many past speakers and other current popular gardening titles.

After you purchase books at the Book Signing Station, why not have them autographed? Authors head to the Book Signing Station after their seminars to greet audience members, sign books and answer questions. Autographed books make great gifts for your garden-loving friends.

Many thanks to University Book Store - Seattle's original bookstore - for operating the festival's Book Signing Station and bookstore. Support the independent bookstore that supports the festival!

University Bookstore

Here is the book signing schedule and the books by this year’s speakers, many hot off the presses. You’re sure to find some perfect additions to your garden book library.

Wednesday, February 9

David Mizejewski 10:30 AM
Robert Kourick12:00 PM
Tracy DiSabato-Aust 12:30 PM
Cynthia Zamaria 1:30 PM
Lorene Edwards Forkner 3:00 PM
Kate Frey 4:00 PM
Emily Murphy 4:00 PM
Sue Goetz 4:15 PM
John Shewey 4:30 PM
Margie Grace 5:30 PM
Mary-Kate Mackey 6:00 PM
Janice Cox 6:00 PM
Jessi Bloom 7:00 PM

Thursday, February 10

Karen Chapman10:30 AM
Cynthia Zamaria
12:00 PM
Kate Frey 1:30 PM
Margie Grace 2:00 PM
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott 2:30 PM
Saxon Holt 3:00 PM
Robert Kourick 4:00 PM
Christina Pfeiffer 4:00 PM
Dianne Miessler 4:15 PM
C L Fornari 4:30 PM
Ellen Zachos 4:30 PM
Loree Bohl 6:00 PM
Janice Cox 6:00 PM
Mary Palmer Dargan 7:00 PM
Emily Murphy7:30 PM

Friday, February 11

C L Fornari 10:30 AM
Saxon Holt 11:00 AM
Loree Bohl 12:00 PM
Ellen Zachos 12:30 PM
Robert Kourick 1:30 PM
Mary Palmer Dargan 2:00 PM
Dianne Miessler 2:30 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 3:00 PM
Christy Wilhelmi 4:00 PM
Susan Mulvihill 4:00 PM
Bill Thorness 4:00 PM
Dr. J J Pursell 4:15 PM
Karen Chapman 4:30 PM
Ciscoe Morris 5:30 PM
Nita-Jo Rountree 5:30 PM
Richie Steffen 6:00 PM
Christina Pfeiffer 6:00 PM
David Deardorff 7:00 PM

Saturday, February 12

Richie Steffen 10:30 AM
Dr. J J Pursell 11:00 AM
Christy Wilhelmi 12:00 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 12:45 PM
Kerry Ann Mendez 1:30 PM
Christina Pfeiffer2:00 PM
David Deardorff 3:00 PM
Susan Mulvihill 4:00 PM
Ciscoe Morris 4:00 PM
Adam and Jennifer O'Neal 4:30 PM
Amy Pennington 7:00 PM
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf7:30 PM

Sunday, February 13

Adam and Jennifer O'Neal 11:00 AM
Kerry Ann Mendez 12:00 PM
Sean and Allison McManus 12:45 PM
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf 1:00 PM
Amy Pennington 2:30 PM
Sue Goetz 4:00 PM
Stephanie Rose 4:00 PM
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott 5:00 PM
Constance Sidles5:30 PM
Book titles above are sorted alphabetically by author's first name.

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