Get Crafty: Home Décor, Garden Art and Floral Design

2019 Show Information

Plants have served as the source of imaginative art around the world. Now you can learn how to put the plants in your garden to fun use. Whether it’s for a unique gift or creative art pieces to display in your own garden, we have some crafty seminars to spark your own imagination.

Learn how to put together gorgeous floral arrangements, play with those weird air plants, create bountiful wreaths or make plant-based beauty products from the garden. You’ll not only enjoy these terrific speakers, you’ll leave armed with new knowledge to create something you’ll enjoy for a long time to come.

The Seminars by Category are listed in chronological order. Each of the seminars listed below will tell you the speaker name, seminar topic, seminar description, date, time, seminar location and if there is a book signing afterwards.

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Botanical Therapy: Evoking Emotions Through Flowers

Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner, AIFD—Floral designer and owner, Holly’s Fine Flowers

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain colors or flowers; why they stir different passions at different times? Florist Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner, AIFD, will discuss the scientific research, evidence, and case studies that prove why we are attracted to flowers, demonstrating the varying floral design textures, color harmonies, sensory aspects, and style themes that evoke our thoughts, emotions and feelings on a daily basis and why. She will also share techniques on how to care for and design with cut flowers.

Wednesday, Feb 20 at 10:00 am / DIY Stage

Foraged Wreaths and Garlands for Year-round Home Décor

Debbie Wolfe—Author, Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts and blogger, The Prudent Garden

Most people only associate wreaths and garlands with the holidays. This demonstration will show you how you can walk into your garden and use seasonal blooms and greenery to make a fabulous wreath or garland—any time of the year. You’ll discover all the beautiful seasonal materials you can use in a wreath or garland, and learn how to hand-craft one that looks better than store-bought.

Wednesday, Feb 20 at 3:15 pm / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

Create Delicious, Versatile Herbal Salts from Your Garden

Dr. Jacqueline Soule—Botanist, award-winning garden writer, speaker and co-author, Gardening Complete

Herbal salts can be used for so many things—grilling, soaking, scrubbing, preparing exotic cocktails, and more. Charming gifts of herbal salts can be customized for occasions such as birthdays, or even weddings. Jacqueline will demonstrate how to make a selection of herbal salts, discuss the best plants and materials for the project, and show some of the ways herbal salts can be used. The herbs she features can be easily grown in your own garden!

Wednesday, Feb 20 at 5:00 pm / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

Using Flowers as Art the European Way

Gina Thresher, AIFD, CFD—Owner and designer, From the Ground Up Floral

Gina Thresher’s recent focus and certification of European Floral Master gets her excited to share a few inspired pieces and designs for your home that can be a starting point for your creativity and DIY interpretation. Discover how to create floral arrangements and learn the techniques that will bring out your creativity. Think of using flowers as art, and even in everyday mundane materials can provide a gorgeous completed statement piece.

Thursday, Feb 21 at 10:00 am / DIY Stage

Using Fresh Herbs for Arrangements, Wreaths, Garlands, and Décor

Debbie Wolfe—Author, Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects and Crafts and blogger, The Prudent Garden

Fresh herbs aren’t just for cooking! They are wonderful used in arrangements and crafts. This demo will explore the use of herbs for décor. Herbs are prolific growers and most of the time gardeners have more than they will ever use. Herbs are wonderful to use in arrangements, wreaths, or garlands because they are hearty and have amazing scents! Put them to use in your home as natural aromatherapy.

Thursday, Feb 21 at 11:45 am / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

Set in Stone: A DIY Hypertufa Demonstration

Patrick Ryan—Garden writer, radio host and education specialist, Alaska Botanical Garden

Hypertufa containers are the perfect homes for alpines, succulents, dwarf hostas, dwarf conifers, and more. Perhaps you’ve admired these beautiful troughs in other gardens but thought they’d be too hard to make. Patrick Ryan will show you the techniques and easy skills needed to construct long-lasting, weatherproof, hypertufa containers. You’ll leave with the confidence to build an artistic, yet inexpensive, container to display your own garden treasures for your friends to admire.

Thursday, Feb 21 at 5:00 pm / DIY Stage

Plant-Based Beauty Recipes from the Garden

Stephanie Rose—Award-winning author, Garden Made and blogger,

Stephanie will demonstrate homegrown recipes for making plant-based beauty products including lavender bath melts, calendula lotion bars, herbal bath salts, natural botanical perfume, and more. Stephanie will show you two methods for making plant-based beauty products and some of the best botanicals to use on your body. After all, what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it!

Friday, Feb 22 at 11:45 am / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

Accent Your Décor with a Beautiful Succulent Centerpiece

Becky Sell—Sedum expert and nursery owner, Sedum Chicks, Salem, Oregon

Hardy succulents are ideal home décor, whether as a wreath, swag or container garden. So why not invite succulents to the dining table by creating a beautiful succulent centerpiece? Decorating your table has never been this fun! In this entertaining DIY demo you’ll discover several wacky and creative ways to show off your colorful succulents. Becky will show how you can take simple hardy succulents and create a table centerpiece that can be enjoyed all season long.

Friday, Feb 22 at 1:30 pm / DIY Stage