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We were honored to have Fleurs de Villes’ internationally-acclaimed floral art debut last year at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival. Each bespoke floral mannequin was designed in partnership with the city’s top florists, providing a new source of wonder and inspiration for seasoned veterans and budding gardeners alike. We’re looking forward to welcoming back Fleurs de Villes and having these unique and beautiful displays at next years event! Until then, prepare yourself for a blooming Spring (and a Pinterest-worthy board) with the ladies of Fleurs de Villes as they take you through their favorite floral creations.

Plus, check out do-it-yourself videos for ideas and inspiration for your next project and unique show specials from participating florists.

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Bare Root; Fruit Trees & Ornamental Shrubs

Watch as John Christianson and Lily Hirdler from the Christianson’s Nursery discuss fruit trees & ornamental shrubs. Don't miss the show special! February 15 - 28 We are at the peak selection of rose varieties! Choose from antique, English, climbing, and drought-tolerant rugosa roses; all are 20% off!

Understanding Pruning Science and Timing 

How to make the right pruning cuts at the right time year, are two of the most important considerations for successful pruning. Corona Tools partnered with @joegardenerTV​ to help explain the why, how and when for pruning trees and shrubs in your landscape.

Tips Thinning Indoor Seedlings

Starting seeds indoors before the weather begins to warm up, is an economical and efficient method for growing healthy plants. In this @joegardenerTV​ video, Joe shares tips on how to properly thin out seedlings in order to have the strongest, healthiest plants that will thrive in outdoors in the garden in spring.

How to Sharpen Pruning Tools

Sharp pruning tools make all the difference when cutting. It takes less time and effort, while making cleaner, healthier cuts. It's easy to do and can also work on digging tools like shovels and garden hoes.

How to Rent & Host Mason Bees

Watch as Rent Mason Bees shows you how to rent and host mason bees. Don't miss their show special, 10% off your order! Please use coupon code FLOWER21 before proceeding to checkout in our online rental shop:

Garden-to-Glass Cocktails

Explore the world of cocktail culture with Renee from Raising the Bar, as she shares some flavorful garden-to-glass cocktail recipes for spring! Raising the Bar is offering free shipping for NWFGS patrons. Use code: NWFREESHIP at checkout.

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Whether you’re a gardening novice or next-level pro, check out the Resource Center and learn everything from organic solutions for bountiful vegetables to gardening in a changing climate and takeaway valuable gardening information for your next project. With over 40+ resources, there’s something for everyone!

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