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Alpine Gardens
1755 Clearwater Lane
Springfield OR
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Owner Ryan Dawes grew up exploring mountains, from the Alaskan Brooks Range to the Andes of South America. On his many adventures, he’s always been fascinated with the hardy yet delicate plant ecosystems found adorning treeline slopes, high deserts, windswept ridges, and rocky crevices. Raised on a small farm and plant nursery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, he began cultivating unique plants from a young age, many inspired from species he’d seen while hiking.

After selling hardy succulents at a local plant sale to help fund his and his wife’s honeymoon, Ryan developed a new vision for his collection. He wanted to share it with a nation-wide community of fellow plant enthusiasts, with plants suited for diverse needs while remaining inspired by the places he explored.

Borrowing greenhouse space from his parents’ nursery, he spent the next year planning and growing stock. In 2018, Alpine Gardens opened. With the help of family, Ryan and his wife Rachael sold at local plant sales, farmers markets, and delivered to Oregon customers. Today, Alpine ships throughout the US, while continuing to expand its ever-growing collection of captivating plants.

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We grow hardy succulents and cacti, perennials, unique conifers, tender succulents, and tillandsias (air plants). As much of our selection is not yet on our website, please email us if you'd like a more complete list of what we grow.

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