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Upcycled Vintage Glass
Vintage glass transformed into one of a kind floral creations for your home and garden.
Every flower is handmade and one of a kind, created from vintage glass.Each piece is drilled providing a long lasting result and rubber gaskets are used to allow for expansion and contraction in heat and cold which prevents breakage as the temperature changes.
Please contact us and we can consult on a custom installation inside or outside your home or in a place of business.
Have a family glass keepsake? We can use it to create a custom flower so you can continue to enjoy it in your home and garden. Send us a photo and we can show you ideas of making it an everlasting family heirloom.

Show Specials:

Offer a 3 tier stand at no charge with the purchase of 3 flowers.

Product Images:

This beautiful vintage L.E. Smith Moon and Star compote bowl is featured on this amazing flower. Enjoy this in your garden or in your home.Brillant.
Our vintage glass flowers in the wild.
A custom installation to fit any space in your garden.
Vintage Westmoreland and Fenton MCM glass embellish this blue and white flower. A delicate hand blown vase and wirework topped off with vintage glass beads.
A bright orange vintage Fenton Compote Bowl embraces a vintage anchor hocking green bowl. A crystal candle holder and a brass stamen complete this bold flower.


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