Isis Ray

Isis Ray
PO Box 1051
Carnation Washington
Booth: 318

Company Description:

I have been melting glass to create flame worked beads since 1992. My beads are bright and colorful, with many garden related themes, such as flowers, butterflies, bees and ladybugs, carrots and mushrooms, owls and trees, all done in miniature form out of glass. I use these beads to create jewelry and charms for people to wear and enjoy. I am a one person business, living locally in the small town of Carnation, WA.

New Products

I’ve been making new pendants based on beach glass found objects with etched beads and iridescent glass, for affordable prices, as well as simpler beaded bracelets and one of a kind necklaces.

Product Images:

Beach glass cairn pendant
Glass flower pendant
Butterfly wings and rose earrings
Carrot and bunny pendant
Glass bird and leaf pendant


Five Year Exhibitor

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