Mandy Allen, Metal Arts

Mandy Allen, Metal Arts
5855 NE 33rd Ave.
Portland OR
Booth: 1412

Company Description:

Colorful, comfortable, vibrant, and fun. Mandy Allen crafts her original jewelry from anodized aluminum and silver to create pieces that are delightful to behold and easy to wear.

Mandy is also known for her indoor wall sculptures featuring the luminous colors of her favorite material, anodized aluminum. Inspired by the elegant forms of plants, she crafts distinctive pieces that are perfect for those small spaces in your home or office that need something special.

Product Images:

Poppy Necklace<br />$99
Pomegranate Bud Earrings<br />$59
Small Curled Leaf Earrings<br />$45
Looking for Pollen <br />Indoor Wall Sculpture <br />$105
Poppies #42<br />Indoor Wall Sculpture<br />$235


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