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I am a native Pacific Northwest collage artist. I am a collector of maps and scraps of paper, fabric and found items that I use in my work. In 'normal' times, you can find me at summer art festivals or in my studio in Edmonds, WA.

My current work is called "A Common Bird" series which focuses primarily on crows and other backyard birds. I am fascinated by crows because of their intelligence, their many human traits and their beauty. In looking closely at these common birds, you can see that their plumage appears to be black, but in the play of light holds many colors.

I have original work and limited edition giclee prints for sale on my website, as well as many other pieces from this series. I am happy to do custom work if you have a particular map you would like me to use as a background. Please contact me by email if you would like to chat!

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Limited Edition Artist Made Garden Flag! Flag with Pole, $45 Flag Only $30

New Products

I always have new work! I have just started a new series called "Plus One" which features my beloved crow with another colorful bird. Fun!

Product Images:

Oversight<br />Crow flying over circa 1970's map of Washington DC<br />Prints Only<br />Matted size: 16 x 20, $90<br />                      11 x 14, $60<br />                       8 x 10, $30
A Walk In The Park<br />Young crows over 1909 Olmstead Brothers Drawing of Woodland Park, Seattle, WA<br />Prints Only<br />Matted size: 16 x 20, $90<br />                      11 x 14, $60<br />                       8 x 10, $30
Immigrant Route<br />Crow over 1879 map of Oregon Territory<br />Original available, framed 16 x 20, $425<br />Prints <br />Matted size: 16 x 20, $90<br />                      11 x 14, $60<br />                       8 x 10, $30
Good Neighbors<br />Crows and robin over 1946 poster map of Seattle<br />Original Available, framed 24 x 30, $625<br />Prints, approximately 20 x 24, $125
Garden Flag<br />Outdoor Weatherproof Flag<br />Flag with Pole $45<br />Flag Only, $30


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