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Sean Goddard Insects Gallery
1298 Beddis Road
Salt Spring Island B.C.
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Company Description:

Sean Goddard Insects. My insects are made of glass and metal. Cut, fused, kiln formed glass and copper sheet ,tubing, wire and rod are used to make everything from beetles , dragonflies, butterflies and much more.
I've been exhibiting at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival for about 15 years now. You can also find me at other juried art shows that we will hopefully all be able to enjoy in the not to distant future. Please contact me for any sales inquiries as my inventory is always changing and I do custom orders of my insects as well.
Sean Goddard

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New Products

I always have new work, new colours and sizes of my insect sculptures whilst maintaining many insects I've made in the past. Check out my Instagram or Facebook for images of my latest work, or feel free to contact me to see everything I have availab

Product Images:

Gerania bosci- This piece just fits into a 32 by 24 box. It is modelled after a species of longhorn beetle.<br />I make many different longhorn beetles ranging from 300 to 2400 dollars, this one is 1400.00
Dragonfly Sculpture- Available in a 15 inch , 20 inch and 26 inch wingspan. They range in price from 790.00 to 2200.00
My smallest beetle sculptures. I make really large beetles but these ones ship in a 8 by 8 inch box.<br />Check out my Instagram or Facebook for a bigger variety and types of beetles. these ones sell for 225.00
Butterfly Sculpture- I make butterflies in a variety of sizes but this one has a 28 inch wingspan with its big dynamic wings. Opaque turquoise glass has been fired onto the dichroic wings in a spotted pattern.<br />this size sells for 2400.00
Madagascar Giant Stick Insect- This piece is 32 inches long and sells for 1800.00


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