City Living Proposal

Our goal is to show our urban attendees that even the smallest patio or deck can boast a garden of flowers or a crop of vegetables. Designs would need to incorporate containers and patio furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) to provide a comfortable outdoor living space.

Open to industry professionals who would like to create and display innovative container gardens to the public.

The Show will provide a monetary color allowance from Cascade Cuts to each Designer.

If you are interested in creating a “City Living” condo/apartment deck garden in the 2019 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, please contact Lloyd Glasscock today and fill out the application below.

Click HERE to view the City Living Entry Guidelines. For more information, please contact Lloyd Glasscock at, or by phone at 425.422.3336.

All Seattle based business are required to have a SBL#. If you do not have one and your company does not have a Seattle address, then enter N/A

Will your display follow the show theme “Gardens of the World?”