2020 Container Wars

Ready, set, go: Container Wars Returns for Riveting Battles at the Festival

Container Wars is back to provide a first-hand look at container creation and curation! Gardening experts will go head-to-head to create beautiful and practical containers, suitable for any level of gardener. Presented by Osmocote Plant Food, these entertaining competitions will take place each day of the Festival on the Main Stage in the North Hall.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next container or just want to feed your love for competition, make sure to visit the Main Stage from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM - we hope you can “contain” your excitement! Seattle’s beloved gardening columnist and television host Marianne Binetti returns as emcee.

Thank you to our Container Wars Sponsors!


Containers provided by:

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Plants provided by:

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David vs Renny

Wednesday February 26 - David Culp vs Renny Reynolds

David Culp is a 2020 Show Judge and author of A Year at Brandywine Cottage and The Layered Garden, and VP, Sunny Border Nurseries. 
Renny Reynolds is an award-winning designer and lifestyle expert and co-author, Chasing Eden

Sue vs Jan

Thursday, February 27: Sue Goetz vs Jan Johnsen

Sue Goetz is the head designer and owner of Creative Gardener, and author of A Taste for Herbs and the Herb Lover's Spa Book
Jan Johnsen is Principal is Johnsen Landscapes and author, The Spirit of Stone and Gardentopia

Robin vs Rebecca

Friday, February 28: Robin Haglund vs Rebecca Sweet

Robin Haglund is a garden coach, speaker, writer and president, Garden Mentors® Inc.
Rebecca Sweet is the designer at Harmony in the Garden and author of Refresh Your Garden Design and co-author, Garden Up!

CL vs Ellen

Saturday February 29: C.L. Fornari vs Ellen Zachos - REMATCH

C.L. Fornari is the author of Coffee for Roses and The Cocktail Garden Hour and co-host, Plantrama Podcast
Ellen Zachos is a horticulturist, educator and author, Backyard Foraging and The Wildcrafted Cocktail and co-host, Plantrama Podcast

Nicki vs Grace

Sunday March 1: Grace Hensley vs Nicki Sunwall

Nicki Sunwall is the owner of Playing With Mud, a business focusing on creating connections through gardening, food, and education. Nicki designs and builds edible gardens that are both functional and beautiful using organic, regenerative practices, and creates simple garden-to-table recipes. With a background in education, she shares her own learning adventures and misadventures to inspire and provide access for others to grow and cook their own food. 

Instagram: @nickisunwall or www.playingwithmud.com

Grace Hensley is the owner of Fashion Plants LLC, providing horticultural services serving Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, and Seattle, WA. Grace wears many hats in her business, including container design, garden photography, and Instagram strategist. She is also the winner of Best Plant Material at the 2019 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival City Living displays. You can find her at:

Instagram: @Fashion_plants or fashionplants.com/