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Become an official ticket outlet for the 2019 Northwest Flower & Garden Festival and partner with the event that celebrates the nursery industry, educating and inspiring amateur and experienced garden enthusiasts alike!

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Submit the application below to become a ticket outlet - double check all information before submitting. We do our best to personally hand deliver the tickets, brochures and posters, so include a delivery address below (even if you prefer to have mail sent to a PO Box).

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Materials for Early Bird, Student, and Adult ticket sales will be delivered to your place of business no later than the first week of December.

In order to be eligible to receive the $50 bonus and 3% (total sales) administrative fee, each outlet is required to sell a minimum of $475 (e.g. 25 Early Bird Tickets) in total ticket sales AND must return all unsold tickets and payment for sold tickets by a certain date after the show.

You are responsible for all tickets received. Any tickets not returned to our office must be paid for.

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Below is a list of promotional materials which are provided by default. If you would like to receive more of something, please indicate that below.
  • 2 - Northwest Flower & Garden Show posters (18x24)
  • 2 - Northwest Flower & Garden Show posters (11x17)
  • 1 - Show Preview Guide and acrylic holder
  • 1 Show Preview Guide per number of advance tickets sent
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